唐辛子色々東南アジア料理に欠かせない1つの材料、唐辛子。タイ料理、又マレーシア、インドネシア料理にもよく使っている色々な種類:ごく小さくてとても辛いprik khee noocabai burungから人差し指より長くてほどほどの辛さと甘味を持っているものまで、生も乾燥したものも。




2004 Chilli Harvest

トムヤムクンに使っている小さい青い唐辛子(タイ語で”phrik kariang”と言う)も順調です。

Maybe because we put up a fence to keep the deer out, maybe because it's been a long hot Summer, anyway this year's chilli harvest looks like being a fairly good one. The earliest are usually a big variety we grow from seeds bought in Malaysia. Medium hot and fleshy, these can be used in all kinds of dishes. We've also got a few of the currently fasionable Habaneros, said to be the hottest chillies in the world. Before long I'll cook up a batch of Habanero Chicken for heat fans to look forward to!
The little green chillies we use in Tom Yam Kung ("phrik kariang" in Thai) are doing well too.

Growing Chillies


I don't claim to be a horticultural expert, but I've been growing chillies here in Japan for the last fifteen years or so, and usually manage to get a good crop, so maybe my suggestions might be some use to you. The location is a little up in the hills, altitude about 400meters, so although Summer daytime is quite hot, evenings are on the cool side, and the frost comes earlier than lower down - usually in early November.