Raffles has closed

Raffles closed on the 16th of July 2014. We would like to send our sincere thanks to all the people who supported us over the last 24 years.

While the restaurant no longer exists, this website will remain.


We're a small (30 seats) restaurant in Nagoya specialising in South-East Asian food from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and also India. We keep very close to the original recipes so the taste is quite authentic, and, often, quite spicy! (We grow our own chillies.)

There's a lush sub-tropical garden and the interior is spacious so you can relax and imagine you're in Bali or Phuket. If you're feeling nostalgic for your last Asian holiday, or just want to try something different, we look forward to seeing you at Raffles'!


(Taeko's message is in Japanese.
You can read it on the Japanese front page.)

Raffles' News

Raffles has closed

As of July 16th 2014 Raffles is closed. Many thanks to all the people who supported us over the years!

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From the menu ...

South-East Asian food, Thai food, Vietnamese food, Indonesian food,
Malaysian food, South Indian food, Singaporean food


From Raffles' menu #1 : Tom Yam Kung

This is one of the most famous Thai dishes- a hot sour prawn soup.

In Japan Tom Yam Kung is often referred to as one of the "three great soups" of the world, the others being Bouillabaisse and Sharks Fin Soup, or possibly Borscht...
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Photos of Raffles

Raffles' front view
southern view
Raffles' tropical garden
entrance & garden at night

Photos of Some of Our Dishes

link to description and larger photo of tom yam kung
tom yam kung
link to larger photo of lemon grass chicken
lemon grass chicken
link to larger photo of gado gado
gado gado

link to larger photo of Vietnamese chicken salad
Vietnamese chicken salad
link to larger photo of chicken sate
chicken sate
link to larger photo of phat siyuu
phat siyuu


What's Daihachi Ryodan?

Actually Raffles' John plays in a band in Nagoya in his free time, an interesting bunch of middle-aged desperados called Daihachi Ryodan.
If you're curious to know more, have a look at the Daihachi Ryodan website.

John and Taeko, Raffles' owners